Source code for mpu.decorators

"""Decorators which are not in `functools`."""

# Core Library
import functools
import warnings
from time import time
from typing import Callable, Dict, List

[docs]def timing(func: Callable) -> Callable: """Measure the execution time of a function call and print the result.""" @functools.wraps(func) def wrap(*args: List, **kw: Dict) -> Callable: t0 = time() result = func(*args, **kw) t1 = time() print( f"func:{func.__name__!r} args:[{args!r}, {kw!r}] took: " f"{t1 - t0:2.4f} sec" ) return result return wrap
[docs]def deprecated(func: Callable) -> Callable: """ Mark functions as deprecated. It will result in a warning being emitted when the function is used. """ @functools.wraps(func) def new_func(*args: List, **kwargs: Dict) -> Callable: warnings.warn_explicit( f"Call to deprecated function {func.__name__}.", category=DeprecationWarning, filename=func.__code__.co_filename, lineno=func.__code__.co_firstlineno + 1, ) return func(*args, **kwargs) return new_func